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First flight of the Hexacopter!

It's been a difficult journey, but we finally got the first flight of our DIY Drones Hexacopter. A special thank you goes out to the whole UAV team at Freeside Atlanta for donating their time, money, and resources to this project.

 Slade, who did several hours of last-mile troubleshooting to get the UAV in the air, is flying it by hand. Check out the video on Youtube, which shows us testing the pitch, yaw, and roll of the unit and finally getting flight. We were pretty surprised at how smoothly it flies.

Stay tuned, as we'll be setting up and configuring the UAV controls so that it can follow GPS waypoint flight paths. We're also going to be posting another video that explains how everything works, how we did the troubleshooting on the initial flight, and some new in-flight footage.


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