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Outerz0ne and Synchronous Hackathon This Weekend

This weekend, March 19-21 is full of all sorts of hacker-related fun. It's going to be legendary, so bring a friend (or three). Starting this Friday @3pm and lasting until Sunday night is Outerz0ne6 at the Wellesly Inn Atlanta Airport. Put on by HackerConsortium member SkyDog and friends, this year is going to be chock-full of wonderful talks and events on a variety of geek-tastic topics, including a panel on FreesideATL. A good portion of our members will be there participating and supporting the cause and we encourage anyone else to do the same. Secondly, its Synchronous Hackathon #5 time, March 20-21. With cameras out of commission at the moment, currently we are planning not to have UStream up an running this month, but that doesn't mean there won't be projects going on. Expect some various projects being done throughout the weekend, and people resting from the excitement of Outerz0ne. If you have never been to the space and/or are a prospective member come bring a pr

Sewing Lab - Machine Basics (Rescheduled)

Sewing Lab: Machine Basics has Returned! March 20, 2010 @ 2pm Saturday, March 27, 2010 @2pm Back by popular demand, we're doing another session of Sewing Lab 1: Machine Basics. With Outerz0ne in Atlanta this weekend, the class has been rescheduled until the same time the next weekend. Check the blog early next week to RSVP For those completely new to the realm of sewing, we'll be breaking down the mechanics of how the machine works, how it's changed over the years, and basic troubleshooting. And we'll learn some stitches while we're at it. A machine will be provided, but feel free to bring your own, along with the instruction manual if you have it. As per usual, this class is free to the public, and a suggested donation of $10 is encouraged to cover supplies. This class is 18+

Are you Ready for F3?

The First Friday Flash Series Continues! This Friday, come out to Freeside for the second installment of F3 to watch more 5 minute presentations on topics of learning and debauchery. Topics this month include: "Projection Optics" "Whetware Hacking: Ecosystems" "Urban Exploration and "The Lifestyle of Abandoned Buildings" This Friday, March 5 @ 7:30pm Open to the general public. Participation and merriment encouraged. Food and refreshments provided. 675 Metropolitan Parkway, Suite 6066. Atlanta, GA 30030 For more information on upcoming events at Freeside Atlanta, go to