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My Shmoocon

<- Pictured: Duckie and Adam. Well another year, another Shmoocon . For those who are unfamiliar with Shmoocon, it's a medium sized hacker convention in Washington DC that is held at the beginning of the year. The big change this year is that DC had a record breaking snowfall of around 3 ft. This certainty made getting around for food a challenge. While many people didn't make it, the other new cool thing is that they streamed all the live talks to UStream. This year, one of the best talks was Freesides and DC404's own Taylor Banks and Adam Bregenzers "Becoming Jack Flack: Real Life Cloak & Dagger" The room was quite packed from front to back at 10:00am Sunday presentation. This was especially amazing as the previous night was the open bar party. Another talk I really enjoyed was: Most of this talk was based off of things you can learn on . However it was really nice to hear someone talk about it in person and show footage recorded from a