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Sunrise Alarm Clock

Now that winter is coming to the northern hemisphere, getting up for work means getting out of bed before the sun comes up. In order to help the natural waking mechanism of light, I've decided to hack together a sunrise alarm clock on a shoestring budget. Part List: Arduino Real Time Clock Module ( ) 24xAssorted LEDs (In my case: 3UV, 2 Blue, 4 Red, 3 Yellow, 12 White) 24xResistors, 220ohm Solderless Breadboard Assorted wires 3x74HC595 shift registers A Shadow Display Box Frosting Spray To put this thing together I used Elco's ShiftPWM Library to control the 24 LEDs. You could go bigger, but I wanted this to all fit into the box. Personally, I had some PCBs from a previous project that I could fashion to make the LEDs easier to mount. Everything is hooked up like in the schematic: The "To SCL" and "To SDA" lines go to the Real Time Clock Module. The parts are all mounted to the backing board of the shadow display box lik