What is Freeside?

Freeside is a Georgia nonprofit corporation, organized to develop a community of coders, makers, artists, and researchers in order to promote collaboration and community outreach. Learn more »

A Creative Space

A notable quote from a Freeside member:
If you haven't had the chance to just go to the space and hang out a bit, do it! the place will get your creative juices flowing, I can't explain it but it just a great feeling.. Thanks to all that have put so much hard work into the space..

I think this sentiment sums up the hacker space phenomenon rather well. It is well worth the effort.

Diving into python

Last night we held our first Python night, where I gave an introductory course into Python. We had a strong showing of both members and non-members who were eager to learn, and we were able to hammer through the basics in about an hour.

Next week we'll be doing a quick re-cap of the basics, and continue diving into the depths of the language. Current agenda includes object-oriented programming and handling exceptions. I'm also going to cook up some exercises for attendees to work on so we can flex our editors and interpreters.

If you missed this week's class and are new to the language, the course is essentially a modified version of the (free! online!) book Dive into Python. We covered the first four chapters last night. Feel free to read up, and if you get stuck--bring your questions next week!

Circuit bending workshop

[Reposted from Dan's email]

Just sending out a little update about the Circuit Bending Workshop/Class. We had 9 people attend, 4 non-members, 5 members. We killed 2 toys but managed to salvage parts and useful bits from them. I'm going to make the workshop every other week. So 2 weeks from today (August 26th) we will meet from 7(ish) to 9(ish) to hack and bend circuits. I'm going to order up more kits and parts for the next class as well as hunt for more toys. Please drop me an email if you would like to Sign up for the class and reserve/prepay for a kit. If you happen to have spare toys sitting around your house that you would like to donate please let me know, I'll be happy to come pick them up.

I also want to thank everyone for coming out. I hope you all had a blast.

Second Walk-through

I stopped by the space to drop off some equipment yesterday, and took a minute to do another walk-through video.