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Events This Weekend

This weekend is a bustle of activity here at Freeside, and we welcome anyone to come and join us in hacking and festivities!

Starting this evening is the premier run of 48 Hour Startup. Come this evening to mingle with other people, bounce ideas and create teams that will last for the duration of the weekend. Create a web Startup, software, or a viable hardware prototype using our rapid prototyping technologies available at the space. Create your marketing materials and a business plan, and you're successfully completed 48 Hour Startup.

For more information on how this has been done before check out Atlanta Startup Weekend. Come at 7pm to mingle and create your teams, and the clock starts at midnight Friday.

Second, starting May 15 is Atlanta's West End WE Tour, which includes venues such as the Metropolitan, the B Complex, and the Wren's Nest. Come take a tour of the space and watch people work on their projects, or simply come and relax with us and talk to us about what fun events and projects we have in the works.

Finally, starting May 15-16 is Synchronous Hackathon #7. Link to our UStream account will be up and running soon. Come watch the madness of the 48 hour Startup and the West End Tour from the comfort of your own home if you so wish (though we'd rather you be at the space with us) or just come and work on your own individual projects.


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