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3D Printer Meetup recap

We've had two really great 3D printing meetups lately, one to talk about and demo 3D printers, and another to help people build and debug them. Here's some of the stuff we saw -

  Jorge brought in his Rostock Prisma to show it off and debug a few extruder issues. It's a really cool and fairly robust design. Plus, it's a lot of fun to watch! You can also check out the Thingyverse page that Jorge has put together for it.

 We also had Ant's 3D printer and the Thing-o-Matic going, so people could benchmark or run off a few parts. James Stephens also brought in his RepRap Mendel to debug some extruder issues.

Randy did some work on his CNC, building a cabinet with removable side-walls for it, while Van continued working on his 3D Printer, the same variant as Ant's and the one that I am building for the space. I made slow progress on that, too, and it "only needs to be wired up" now.

That's all for now! Watch our Meetup page for more great events like these!


plainstudman said...

We just wanted to do this quick introduction. Our name is DFW Makers Club, located in dfw - dallas fort worth. We are to our knowledge the latest hackerspace to open up in the dallas fort worth metroplex. We are for the most part a group of students who are starting this great project and are going through the steps to eventually open our doors to the public at large early next year. We are trying to meet up to our challenges and overcome them in the process to build an organization like yours. We will update you with any significant project that we do and the latest happenings regarding our organization, and hopefully we can come to you with any questions we might have since you might be able to help. Lets us know if you have any questions would be more than happy to answer anything. Of course, we would appreciate any word of advice or any support in spirit or in substance. Also, you can see us on our hackerspace website.

Thank You.

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