What is Freeside?

Freeside is a Georgia nonprofit corporation, organized to develop a community of coders, makers, artists, and researchers in order to promote collaboration and community outreach. Learn more »

Freeside Atlanta featured in this weeks Creative Loafing

Yesteday, Freeside Atlanta was featured on the front page of Creative Loafing Atlanta. Creative Loafing is a weekly newspaper focused on local culture, events, and entertainment. So grab one while supplies last! The online article and video can be viewed here on this Link as well.


Anonymous said...

I just read this article and I want in. What should I do?

Anonymous said...

Well okay then I read the part about joining, so I'll hope to meet y'all next Tuesday night. I'm so very happy that this organization has come to Atlanta.

Fuckthat said...

here is the video

Karen said...

This is great. I'm an old timer from back when being called a hacker was a compliment. I was so happy to see this article written with the same attitude.

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