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First Annual Freeside Atlanta Robot Street Fight

Thanks everyone who came out! It was a fun event and we're already talking about next year. You've still got plenty of time to build a bot for Dragon*Con, Maker Faire, or Chattacon also. The 12's and 30lb bots certainly faced the challenge of the post apocalyptic landscape that is the parking lot behind Freeside. Next year I expect to see some bots with modifications to handle the uneven surfaces better. Wedges built for a stage fight didn't fare too well against the cracked pavement and potholes. Results: 1lb: 1st- Algos 2nd- Death By Twinkies 3rd- Eleos 3lb: 1st- Torgo 2nd- Naked Singularity 12lb: 1st- Omega Force 2nd- Abrasive Personality 3rd- Hypnus 30lb: 1st- Nyx 2nd- Spanky 3rd- Overthruster Video Playlist of the fights Videos courtesy of Near Chaos Robotics