What is Freeside?

Freeside is a Georgia nonprofit corporation, organized to develop a community of coders, makers, artists, and researchers in order to promote collaboration and community outreach. Learn more »

This Week at Freeside, April 15-21

Tuesday [7:30p]: CNC Build Project, Public, Free.

Freeside veterans, Preston and Eldon, will be leading this project to assemble and tune a smaller CNC for high-precision work, then design and build a full-size 4' x 4' CNC mill for the space as well.

Tuesday [7:30p]: Open House, Public, Free.

We host this meeting every Tuesday so that people can check out the space, chat with members of the organization, and get together to plan projects, events, and classes.

Tuesday [8:30p]: Introduction to Basic Electronics, Public, Free.

Chris Moore and Wayne Salhany explain basic electricity and electronics concepts that you can use in your next project.

Friday [8a-6p]: Telecommute from Freeside, Members-Only.

Members, come join your other telecommuters at Freeside and “work” remotely.

Sunday [3p]: Burners Without Borders, Public, Free.

Freeside turns the auditorium space over once a month to Burners Without Borders for their monthly meetup, where they plan fundraisers, community outreach, and reconstruction/beautification projects.

What Freeside Needs this Month, April Edition

Have you been itching to donate things to Freeside, but you’re not sure what we need? Have you been looking for volunteer opportunities to use your awesome skills?  This monthly post shall be your guide, henceforth!

Look for all these things in our up-to-date Wishlist, the next time you're out and about and wondering what extras you could throw in the cart to bring on down!

We're always looking for new opportunities to facilitate projects/education in the space. New equipment can help us do that, so we decided to make a wishlist of some of the things that we need for the space.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Electrical wiring: running new outlets, and...other activities...
Woodworking, construction: help with shelf/hutch building for electronics, help with member storage build-out
Mural Art: artists, pick a spot on the wall and make it yours!  We also want input on designing logos for each of our zones


ABS: Our 3D printers need more spools in a variety of colors
Batteries: 9V
Paint (dark, black, matte): for shrouding the stage in the darkness
Paint (brighter colors especially, not black/grey/white): we are painting an internet meme explosion mural in the front bathroom, and Carrie needs more paint
Printer ink for the HP L7680


Recording and mastering software/hardware
Valid Windows licenses
VOIP solution for linking our Google Voice number (or similar service) to the space


Good, functional computers
Audio/lighting/DJ equipment
Interesting Human Interface Devices
Arduinos, other automation controllers or kits
Raspberry Pis: for use with the access control project, or with the informational kiosks like we have in the welcome zone
4+ port NIC card for rack system, or full system: we are trying to build a router to create subnets, see Alan or any IT staff person for details
Mounts for rack systems: stacking the pizza boxen on top of each other just won’t do
Larger LCD monitors, flat screen TVs: we want to put up informational kiosk displays around the space
Breadboards: some members have asked and are unclear if some “projects” could be reclaimed or if there are extra breadboards to go around
Folding chairs: for when we host large talks or events
Door and ceiling: for the classroom, to cut down on the noise
Door/Steel/Mesh: for the server room door, for peace of mind
Help with getting the existing phone system up and running, for being able to dial other phones in the space, and linking that to VOIP


Member storage bins: We are getting new members!  Let’s have a few bins at the ready to get them on-board
Small to Medium plastic bins: We can start subdividing or replacing cardboard boxes storing things in the parts storage


Lumber: ask about specifics, but the two main projects that could use some lumber are for the electronics lab benches and for improvements to member storage
Engraving plastic: for creating signage with Randy’s CNC!


Pallet jack
Pottery wheel
Welding supplies
UV Curtain Material
Welding Gloves


Hammer drill
Concrete bits
Painting supplies
Magnetic Sweeper/Pickup tool for the floor
1/4" Allen wrench (for the lathe)