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Sewing Lab 1: Machine Basics This Saturday!

In conjunction with a previous, more informational post, this is an RSVP reminder for Sewing Lab 1: Machine Basics, this Saturday starting at 12pm.

If you are interested in coming, please RSVP here.

Also, if you are bringing your own machine it would be recommended to come a few minutes early to set up, and don't forget some bobbins.

All other supplies will be provided!

This event is on the Makezine Event Calendar for this week!

For more information about the space, and how to get there, head on over to our wiki page.

Hope to see you there!

Double Dog House Project

Just a couple of pics from the beginning of the dog house that I'm building for both the dogs. The idea is to build the dog house and then to add touches like temperature controlled fan and solar panels so it won't run off a/c power.

Welding Class 01/24/10

Great Turnout for the Welding class today. We all got a chance to weld and as a group we added some features to the space art piece. Coming along nicely I might add.

FreeSide Social 01/19/2010

Good turn out tonight for the Freeside Social. Lots of new faces, to many to remember. Hope to see the same new faces come the next meeting.

Propaganda Mural

approved by the FreesideATL Politbureau for mass indoctrination

Circuit Bending Class 01/16/10

The circuit bending class had a great turn out yesterday. Here are some pics of the bending in action. Dantheman, succesfully completed a published hack on his korg keyboard, while the other students of have class got a basic lesson on bending in action and made some pretty unique sounds.

Makers Local 256 Visit

Justin and I greeted the visit by the Makers Local 256 crew last night. They were on their way to a concert in Atlanta and stopped by for a quick visit. During they visit, Justin and I gave them a tour of the space as well as about a 25 minute Q& A session about space politics and projects. Got a lot of good feedback that was mentioned on the public mailing list. Posting some pictures below that Justin captured. Sorry that I can make them smaller, selected the smallest posting size with the blogger:

Synchronous Hackathon #3 - Tonight!

Freeside Atlanta is once again participating in the Synchronous Hackathon #3, along with several other hackerspaces around the world. Members will be working on projects starting tonight, Jan 15 and ending Sunday Jan 17. For those who don't know what it is, it is described on the hackathon wiki:

"The Synchronous Hackathon is an event where each of the participating hackerspaces will work on their respective projects simultaneously, while in constant communication with each other. Video from each hackerspace will be broadcast to the internet for each other and the public to view. In participating with the Synchronous Hackathon, hackerspaces can utilize the motivational energy and skills of the participating hackerspace members."

There will be some programming, some crafting, maybe even some art being put up on the walls. Also, there will be a Circuit Bending Workshop at 3pm on Saturday, Jan 16, open to the public as usual.

We encourage all members to come and enjoy the space and work on projects. This is also a great opportunity for those interested in visiting the space. If you can't attend, support Freeside by following our work streaming online at ustream.tv.

Camera #1
Camera #2

Sewing Science - Basics for the Not-So-Domestically Inclined (and everyone else).

That's right folks, Saturday January 30th at 12pm marks the beginning of Freeside Atlanta's Sewing Lab Series - Lab 1: Machine Basics.

For those completely new to the realm of sewing, we'll be breaking down the mechanics of how the machine works, how it's changed over the years, and basic troubleshooting. And we'll learn some stitches while we're at it.

A machine will be provided, but feel free to bring your own, along with the instruction manual if you have it.

As per usual, this class is free to the public, with a suggested donation of $10 is encouraged to cover supplies.

This class is 18+

More details and RSVP to come next week!

2 Hacker Cons, 1 Day

Through some crazy scheduling mishaps, two of the south/southeast hacker conventions are set to happen on the same day. The weekend of March 19th will begin CarolinaCon and Outerz0ne, both returning for their 6th year. In recent years the conventions have had talks ranging from embedded malicious javascript, Security Assessment Methodology, learning NMap, Format String Vulnerabilities and even how to travel on the airlines with a firearm.

Local Hacker Cons

For those that have never been to a local hacker convention, it’s completely different than something like DefCon. There are usually only around 80-150 attendees instead of thousands, this allows for anyone to have a 1 on 1 with the speaker if it’s a subject that you’re passionate about and would like further info. This also allows for all the attendees to get to know each other, even though many of us are introverted, after seeing the same people at 2 or 3 cons you end up talking and it’s always easier to talk to strangers when you’re both into technology or Dr. Who. Local Hacker Cons also are done on the cheap, which means the cost is around 20.00 for entry and are set at a cheap hotel, which also helps for the parties (cheaper hotels usually don’t freak out when the beds are pulled out of one room and placed in another to make room for a party).

Call for Speakers

To get ready for the March 19th cons, both CarolinaCon and Outerz0ne are looking for speakers to volunteer to do an hour talk. These talks can be on a project you’re working on, technology you’ve been studying or working on or just a “how to” on something you think others would be interested in. If you’ll be in North Carolina (Raleigh area) and would like to be a speaker at CarolinaCon, visit http://www.carolinacon.org to register to be a speaker. If you’ll be around Georgia (Atlanta area) and would like to speak at Outerz0ne, watch http://www.outerz0ne.org for more info.

Remember that speaking at a local Hacker Convention will bring you minimal fame, glory, possible notoriety and mad props from all the staff and attendees. Maybe even a free t-shirt!